• Spill'n the beans about Training.

    The following Q & A session comes from you, the readers. These questions were posted in the comments section a few posts earlier.

    Q: Now that you have live here (Ft Collins, CO) for a couple of years do have a favorite training route or trails?

    A: Lots of good road and dirt routes around Ft Collins. Heck, that is one of the biggest reasons I moved here! My favorite road ride from the house is the loop up to Estes Park and back. Also like the out and back on Trail Ridge Rd in RMNP. Best mtb route? Favorite singletrack session when riding from the house is Bobcat Ridge. Still enjoy heading out on all day epics to the National Forest land out by Old Flower Rd. Still so much out there I have not seen/ridden yet. Kind of close to the house, I enjoy riding all the dirt roads in the Boulder foothills as well.

    Q: I'm always interested in people's dietary preferences (off the bike). Do you follow a strict schedule?
    A: I watch what I eat, but I am not super strict. No, I do not weigh my food. I simply eat how we 'should' all eat. Lots of fruit, veggies, fish, nuts, etc, etc. I try to cut out as much processed food as I can. When I do eat processed food I try to make smarter choices. Recently, I have been cutting out pasta in favor of rice....going kind of half-ass gluten free....kind of. Don't miss the pasta either...and feel generally better.

    Q: Any food that you can't go without during the day?
    A: Some form of chocolate. It could be a plain chocolate bar, Nutella, even a chocolate flavored sports nutrition bar. I bet Sonya and I share one of these a week.

    Q: I would like to know what kind of gym work do you do?

    A: I do not go to the gym....anymore. I used to before I hired Lynda at LW Coaching. Now all gym-type workouts are complete at home. My coach has me following the Core Performance program via this book. About 95% of the plan can be done from home...with hardly any huge investment in weights.....dumbells and kettlebells work really well. The Core Performance book is very clean and is simple to follow. The training system is broken up into phases...and shows how much of what exercises to do each day. This plan takes up 6 days per week. Each workout on average lasts about 1 hr....some as little as 30 minutes.

    Q: How long are your workouts on the trainer this time of year?
    A: Lucky for me, I don't ride indoors that much anymore. When I lived in Iowa...well, that was another story. Now, my indoor workouts on average are about 1 hr. At the longest...about 1.5 hours. That breaks down to 15 minutes of warm up.......60 minutes of intervals.....15 minutes of cool down. That 60 minutes of intervals varies based on the time of year and what needs to be stimulated or worked on. Example from today.....

    60min alt. Z2/Z3