• 5 hrs in thar hills

    The longer hours of base miles continue. Actually don't mind it, as it lets me get off the Summer training routes in favor of some routes that are a bit more scenic and aggressive. Saturday, was a 5 hour session. Plan was easy to follow with a comfortable pace on the flats and downhills....and then a tad bit harder effort while going up.

    5 hr training ride nutritionDecided today to mess around with what was in my bottles for the day. Normally, I have my bottles filled up with either Cytomax or Power Bar drink. Today, I took the orange flavored Cytomax and added a bit of FRS to it. I wanted to see if the benefits of the quercetin in the FRS would help with fatigue and general muscle soreness. While it did taste good....and go down very easy while at effort, this one time test was not enough to draw any conclusions. More to come on this.

    The route was a loop up to Estes Park....and then a very non-direct route back home. Weather was good with temps in the high 40F's. E'Park was jump'n. Not with wildlife, but rather the tourists. Here it is almost December 1 and folks are running around at 9,000 ft with no jackets. But, we all know how fast that can change here in CO.

    Sunday is another 5 hours. Looks a bit of group ride action.