• Off season hikes

    Mummy Pass & Stormy Pass hikesSonya and I headed just west of Ft Collins to get in some weekend hiking. Plan was to stay close to home, so the trails that push up to the north border of Rocky Mountain National Park were an easy call to make.

    Mummy Pass & Stormy Pass hikesEarly season snows made the trails above 10,000 ft deep in spots. Gaiters and/or snowshoes would have been a good call. Lucky for us, it didn't put a damper on the weekend.

    Mummy Pass & Stormy Pass hikesSnow for the most part started to lessen the higher we went....especially above treeline. Thanks to the wind, all earlier snows were blown off the mountain and into the trees we just hiked through.

    Mummy Pass & Stormy Pass (CO)Up and up! We were not on trail above the treeline. We basically hiked to avoid snow.....and to follow what carins we could actually see.

    Mummy Pass & Stormy Pass (CO)The first day hiking result? Mummy Pass on the north border of Rocky Mountain National Park. This picture is looking south about 1 mile inside the north border of RMNP. Elevation was about 12,300 ft. Temps in the high 40F's and winds were pretty calm.

    Mummy Pass & Stormy Pass hikesDay 2 had us heading in the same general direction. This time we headed a bit more east to Stormy Pass. This once again had us climbing up to 12,400+ ft.

    Mummy Pass & Stormy Pass (CO)Yesterdays hike had us on the backside of the ridge in the background of this image. Today, the temps were still around 45F degrees, but the winds were blowing at like 40 mph!

    Mummy Pass & Stormy Pass (CO)High winds = blowing snow. It was darn right cold at the top of Stormy Pass.....and not much shelter.

    Mummy Pass & Stormy Pass (CO)
    Getting out of the wind for a quick snack and rest.

    Mummy Pass & Stormy Pass (CO)Heading back down to the car at 8,600 ft. No snow....and much warmer temps.

    Pretty amazing how sore I am after these two 10 mile hikes. Wow! Check out all the photos from the weekend here.