• Works in progress

    Ergon Sprinter VanErgon is growing. It is amazing to see what has happened with the brand here in North America since the VP and I have got the Ergon green bouncy ball rolling. For 2010, Ergon sees more growth with the addition of Sonya to the employee roster to help out on the dealer side of things....and the addition of many new products. Also, we have outgrown the Ergon FJ. If all goes as planned, you can see the Ergon Sprinter Van on the road in 2010. It will be at races, clinic, demos, and other Ergon related events across the USA and Canada. The above image is a quick mock-up I pushed out yesterday to give an idea of what the new ride might look like. Stay tuned!

    Ergon Factory Rider Team HatWe owe a lot of our growth to our brand ambassadors. These athletes spread the good word on and off the bike. We are changing the sponsorship direction a bit next year. A lot of it has to do with budget....and in reality, who isn't paying closer attention to the budget these days. In 2009 I dealt with roughly 200 riders/teams. That is a lot of grips! For 2010, this number will shrink down. What will that number be? Not sure yet. But those who will represent in 2010 will be special. Special to us in that they represent the brand the way it needs to be. Image is key...and that is why the above hat might be seen on the heads of those rock'n the Team Green in 2010.

    Stay tuned as details develop. Look Mom, I am actually using that 4 year degree in Graphic Design. Ha!