• New bits

    New Fi'zi:k bits'Tis the season to refresh the bikes. First bike on the list is the road bike. This 'tool' by far sees the most ride time throughout the year. I tend to swap out the bar tape about 3 times a year. First round this year is the Fi'zi:k 'apple green' bar wrap. Yes green. Why not.

    New Fi'zi:k bitsIt's not your traditional cork wrap....but rather similar to what is wrapped around the handle of most stick or racket sports. It has a super kung-fu grip when the conditions get wet. Since this tape does not offer much in terms of padding, I left a thin wrap of the old cork tape under neither the new green tape. It appears it will work out quite well.

    New Fi'zi:k bitsIt was getting time to replace the saddle as well. I was running the Arione that came on my old Cannondale....but it was starting to kind of fall apart after about 4 years of riding and training. Enter the new Fi'z:k Antares. It's the latest offering coming out of Italy....and the brother...or sister to the Arione. Now, we'll just have to see if my bits agree with these new bits.