• Oval Ride: Max effort

    Here is today's group of crazies. As always a stacked group of road cyclists from near and far. Not sure how many folks in attendance....I would guess maybe 40 or so. The route today was the same as every week....except for a detour around the sketchy Hwy 14. Instead, we did a section of gravel...it was delightful. When the group hit the gravel I kept my speed we had on the pavement and soon found myself alone. I was shortly joined by a Legacy team rider....then Danielson and Garcia. They upped the pace....but nobody really followed. It was so early in the ride to burn all the matches. The gravel quickly set the tone for the ride as groups were formed.

    Once we headed south towards the town of Severance we were soon single file thanks to Danielson and some other riders. I have no clue who they were....I was gritting my teeth at the back. Soon the elastic broke...as did it for many riders. Small groups formed. I found myself with 2 other guys...then we picked up one other. By the time we got to the Widsor 'Wall' there was only 3 of us....then myself...when my riding partners turn to head home. By the time I got to HWY 34 east of Loveland I was caught by a group of like 10 riders. I rode with these guys until we got to Johnstown.

    Outside Johnstown we came upon Danielson, Garcia and a few other riders who where stopped by our next turn. We rode as a group until the speed became too much....which wasn't long...less than 2 miles. This stretch of road would pretty much dictate the final rider groups for the remaining 30 or so miles.

    Oval Ride, Feb 7, 2009This was the final group chasing the Danielson group. I lost these guys at Carter Lake....I was fried. I had no more high end power. I pretty much used everything I had to day. It was a good day. I was pushed...and we all need that if we want to get faster. I am thankful for the core group of racers in this area.