• Time in the Canyon.

    Lefthand Canyon
    Spent my 2 hour workout today in Lefthand Canyon north of Boulder. Temps are still in the mid-50Fs.....but the wind was a bit fierce at times. One second it's in your face....then next second you have a crazy tail wind. It's a love-hate.

    Lefthand CanyonThe workout today consisted of two 10 minute tempos at a specific wattage followed by 2 sets of short intense intervals. Legs were a bit heavy today....but they came around later in the ride. Hoping to have wings for tomorrows Oval Ride. I am betting tomorrows Oval Ride will be the hardest to date. Got word from a certain someone via a private message on Twitter that he will use the ride as a tune up. Lucky us..:)

    Lefthand CanyonOne more canyon shot for you. I love the roads outside of Boulder....especially for some good solid road miles.

    That is all for now. Time to go get some coffee shop time in....after all, this is Boulder. Oh, one last thing. Looks like people are trying to figure out if they got into Leadville. The website is on the fritz! Too many folks trying to log on. Just need to sit back and wait just like everyone else.