• Camp Lynda: Day 2

    Day 2 started out wet....just like yesterday. Due to the all night rains, the route was reworked to give us some less muddy trails. Oddly enough, the first 300 yards of wet clay ended up being the worst miles of the entire ride. Riders came to a complete stop and wet clay clogged up wheels yielding them useless. 23 lbs endurance bikes were now 50 lbs dead bodies being drug across the southern Utah desert. After those 300 yards, the trails firmed up and we were greeted with some on SW Utah's best dirt. And now the photos and videos...

    Camp Lynda: Day 2
    The opening mile mud. It was of biblical proportions! Wheels stopped turning....as did planet Earth.

    Camp Lynda: Day 2
    After the section of mud....the trail was perfect. A little tacky, but nothing a raging mountain bike would complain about.

    Camp Lynda: Day 2After about 1 hour of saddle time, the rain clouds began to push out of the area leaving us with some partly cloudy skies.

    Camp Lynda: Day 2One of many slickrock sections.

    Riders spinning out the miles. Some a bit more spunky than others ;)

    Sometimes the rocks win.

    Camp Lynda: Day 2If you climb, chances are there is always an awesome view awaiting.

    St. George Pano-Vision.

    Camp Lynda: Day 2This is how you fuel! "It's all about the Fritos bitches!"

    Camp Lynda: Day 2Gas station burritos work well too! "This thing was like 99¢ and will fuel me for 8 hours."

    Camp Lynda: Day 2This was pretty much the trail flavor for the day. A bit more climbing after this section, then it was all downhill to St. George.

    Just under 4 hours of saddle time today with about 2,600 ft of climbing and a hair over 30 miles. Tomorrow is the big one....110ish miles of desert miles. Speaking of fueling proper....got to do it big time tonight!

    All the photos and videos from the last 2 days are here.