• Camp Lynda: Day 1

    Of course wouldn't ya know it....it rained....all night....in the desert. The plus side, it was a light rain. So, Camp Lynda: Day 1 happened, but we were denied our total route due to sticky clay. Not a huge deal....we still got in around 40 miles of some good single track, slick rock, and dirt road. Here are your photos for the day...

    Camp Lynda: Day 1The riders get together for a preride meeting. Something like 35ish total riders today.

    Camp Lynda: Day 1The early miles were tame as the skies spit light rain and the temps warmed into the mid-50F's.

    Camp Lynda: Day 1The first of many slickrock sections.

    Camp Lynda: Day 1Some fast and buff desert singletrack....as the clouds hang low in the background.

    Camp Lynda: Day 1
    The group regroups then starts to head back to St. George after being denied our turn around point due to sticky clay.

    The smooth road home.

    Camp Lynda: Day 1This is how it was today. Looks kinda bad....but really wasn't. Bikes are now clean for tomorrows session.

    Camp Lynda: Day 1 HR & ELEV fileHere is the days effort recorded off the Suunto T6. The HR was higher than at altitude.....but the level of effort on the pedal was about 60%. I felt pretty good all day....any time I started to feel the effort creeping up, I just let off the gas. There are still 2 days of riding yet. Not going to burn all the matches in 1 day.