• Stimulate the system

    Stimulate the systemJust under 2 hours today. A few high effort intervals to stimulate the engine for the weekend. Nothing more...nothing less. Rest of the day is going to be spent relaxing and packing up for the trip up to Breckenridge tomorrow.

    I am ready to race...NOW! It's amazing what the legs feel like after not putting in week after week of 20+ hour training weeks.

    Here is a sampling of some of the Firecracker 50 playlist...
    Breed - Nirvana
    Diesel Power - Prodigy
    Suffa - Hed Pe
    Paid in Full - Eric B & Rakim
    Given Up - Linkin Park
    Hit the Floor - Linkin Park
    Rock Star - N.E.R.D.
    Plus many, many, many more....

    And the list keeps growing. If you want to be the best....you have to race the best.