• Breckenridge is...

    Cloudy and cool in Breckenridge...cloudy and cool today. Plus, there are some mid-day storms rolling through from time to time. Not a huge deal, as it will help to keep the dust down.

    Got up to Breckenridge today around 3 PM. Promptly checked into the condo and then suited up for a super chill spin around town. The view in the photo above is the view out the condo window...not to shabby. Just wish some of that snow would melt so I could have the option to ride some of the CO Trail that goes up and over that ridge. Other than some light rides...I am staying off the feet. Lots of web surfing on some poached wifi coming from some place in downtown Breckenridge.

    Tomorrow is a "stimulate the system" spin. Nothing long...just some short efforts. Sounds like the 'Goat will be in tow. Then Friday is race day, followed by back-to-back 6 hr training days on some alpine singletrack.

    Good times to come!