• Poudre Canyon slog

    Snowing in the training grounds
    Original plan put forth by Coach was to get up to around 9,000 - 10,000 ft to do todays three 20 minute uphill intervals. On Wednesday of this week I had made up my mind that I was going to drive up to Copper Mountain and then do todays work out on Hwy 91 up to Leadville. Well, good thing CDOT has traffic cams all over the State. I saved myself a 2 hour drive.

    Poudre Canyon 20 min V02 intervals
    So, I opted for Poudre Canyon. Temps were in the high 50's and it was pretty windy blowing out of the north when I rolled out the door. Plan was to get up to roughly 7,500 ft. I pounded out the first interval feeling pretty comfortable having to battle the swirling wind in the canyon. The 2nd intervals was good as well. In the later minutes of the 2nd interval the skies clouded up and it felt like it dropped 15 degrees.

    Poudre Canyon 20 min V02 intervals
    I turned around a bend in the road and sure enough it starts to snow. Hence, the reason the mountains look hazy in the photo. I went about another 10 minutes before wet roads and cold fingers made me turn around and head back towards sunny and windy Fort Collins.

    Poudre Canyon 20 min V02 intervalsAs you can see, I wasn't exactly dressed for snow/sleet/freezing temps.

    Poudre Canyon 20 min V02 intervalsI was "on" for todays workout with snappy legs. I was comfortable with a cadence of 95-100. I had a PR wattage number I wanted to hit today, but missed it. Not a huge deal, as I was still within my wattage zone requested by Coach. Now, it's time for a little R & R to get ready for tomorrows tempo.

    I am jonesing to start sticking the number plate to the bike on a regular basis.