• STXC racing denied

    I learned something today. Never ever attempt a hard race effort after a 14 hour travel day. I got a solid 11 hours of sleep last night...and then another 2 during the early afternoon today. I felt good to go, but the legs had other ideas.

    I decided to head out the door at 4 PM to get in some efforts and short climbing. I rode up and over the reservoir. During this time, the legs felt heavy. I figured with some riding things would open up. They did, but not that much. Around 5:30 I headed over to New Belgium for the STXC race. I did a few pre-ride laps and things felt OK.

    At 6:30 the "A" race began. There was about 28 of us and I was able to get into the course at about 5th place. I rode at a conservative pace to plan for a late race boost. On the 2nd lap I moved up 2 places. Things were going so-so. My HR was low and I was breathing pretty lightly. But my legs were another story. the legs started to get super heavy and I was getting sleepy tired. I did another 2 laps with complete power failure. It was impossible to go hard. I practically wanted to fall asleep. So, I did another 3 laps then pulled the plug and headed home.

    I just need to get this last road trip out of the way then get back on the focused training.

    I am heading to bed.