• Back home....briefly

    Got back to the house about 4 PM yesterday...and everything is green! Yeah, Spring!

    Flight from DE was pretty uneventful other than the need to run through Chicago O'Hare due to a short connection time for our flight to Denver. I don't think I have ever heard Dave or myself breathe so hard. United also put my luggage on a later flight, so when I got to Denver my luggage was not there. Not a huge deal as they delivered it to the house some time during the evening as it was sitting at the door step when I got up this AM.

    Rest of the day will be used to get caught up on emails, pack up the FJ for the trip to TN tomorrow, and even get in the New Belgium Short Track race later in the evening. Should be interested to see how that goes since my legs and feet are swollen from the 12 hours of plane time yesterday. Might need to do a bit of elevating and a good ride before the STXC begins.

    Interested in Irina's 18.3 lb bike for the World Cup circuit? There is a good in-depth run down on Bike Radar.