• Colorado mud

    Tacky DirtColorado mud is not like Iowa mud. It's cement like. Once it is on the bike it just accumulates until the wheels stop spinning. I was to spend 3 hours on the dirt today. But, yesterdays all day rain and snow made for a training ride that was only about 10% dirt....and the other 90% was the pavement. I rode about 2 miles of dirt before I ran into some soft dirt. The trail went from delightfully tacky to instant thick pudding. The tires rolled through about 20 feet of trail.....and then stopped. I reached for the nearest stick...and cleaned off the bike and then got the hell off the dirt.

    Tacky DirtThe trail in the 2 pictures on the post are dry. Up an over the hill is where I ran into issues. I was then forced to hike back to these trails to ride back down to the county roads in and around Ft. Collins. Lesson learned.

    Tomorrow, it is back to Pole Hill Rd. for more hill work. Word. Weather is a bit on edge though. Talking rain and snow for the next 2 days. About the only good thing about the weather is that the rain and snow is hit and miss. I am crossing my fingers. Not in the mood to model the rain cape during tomorrows training session.

    Technology update...
    In the coming days, the speed and distance sensor for the Suunto T6 should be arriving. Pretty slick set up, as all of the movement data is recorded off the skewer. Now I will be able to download speed, distance, HR, and elevation all off the monitor.

    Dirt racing begins...finally...
    This weekend is the opening event for the MSC Series. It's in Fruita, and would be sweet to do. But, I am NOT driving a 10 hr round trip (and that is if the weather/roads are good) for 2 hours of racing. I have a rule for racing that I try to follow now: The drive time cannot be longer than the race time. Plus, if I race, a few days after I get back I load up the bike on a plane for Sea Otter...and then Germany. Too much travel. I am going to stay local and try to focus on a strong showing at "The Otter."

    I want to race.