• Chasing rabbits.

    Pin it for 60 minutes"Pin it for 60 minutes." That's what Coach wrote in todays training plan. Was supposed to do it within a group ride, but fast weekend group rides are on the down-low now that the race season is in full swing. Pretty much, if you race the road, you can race every Saturday and Sunday until the end of September....then CX starts. Those that race the road...do.

    I was on my own today...which is fine....as it adds to the suffering not having a body to draft off of. Motivation was there to ride hard. Ended up doing a 25 mile out and back on part of Stove Prairie Rd. It's a road that has some rolling hills, that kind of mimics the trail flow of the Sea Otter course. Sea Otter is always windy, so todays 20+ mph wind out of the NW was added icing to the training cake.

    There was lots of folks out on the roads, so I had rabbits to chase. Groups of 1, 2, and 3 riders rolling down the road. Dig deep......run them down.....give a quick "hello."......then keep pushing on. My personal goal was to average 300 watts during the 60 minutes with the hell'ish wind. I came close with and average of 295. I started just a tad too hard, when I saw the Peloton Shop boys rolling up the first few climbs out of Fort Collins. I pretty much bet that is what did me in for the later minutes of the 60 minute effort.

    Time to stretch a bit, eat, and pray for the trails to dry out for tomorrow. A light two hours of dirt to work on the skills is the plan.