• Back in the flow

    Easy spinHard to believe yesterday was pretty much a blizzard for most of the day. Snow stopped around 3 PM and began melting instantly. Well, today, it's pretty much gone. This week has been kind of a wash for training. Monday was a day off the bike. Tuesday's effort was on key with a light mnt bike effort. Wednesday was not good due to sluggish legs with no power. Yesterday, Coach said "no bike". And a good thing she did as it snowed all day. Today, I got out for a light spin on some dirt. Legs feel a lot better. Should be good to go for this weekends Sea Otter prep workouts.

    New Belgium BreweryAfter my training session, I headed over to New Belgium Brewery. Coming up in a week or so NBB is putting on a 6 week STXC series. Ergon is on board to support these events. It will be an excellent opportunity to start introducing the brand and image to the Front Range. I'll miss the first 2 weeks....but you can bet I'll be there in May!

    4 rolls of Ergon course tape
    We are sponsoring the event with course tape and product give aways. Should be excellent times with lots of folks showing up to to spend 25 minutes in the pain-cave. Series info should be coming out soon. I saw the flyer while at NBB. I'll post it when I get it.