• The 2007 Season.

    For me, the 2006 season is over. Now, it's time to just chill out on the bike...and the couch. Take about 1 month off the bike, then start hitting up the gym for some non-bike cardio and weight training. This will take place from about late November to early March. Right now, I am planning on kicking off my 2007 campaign back down in Arkansas with the 50 mile Oauchita Challange, just like last season.

    This time is kind of nerve racking. Why? Cause, I have no idea which sponsors are back for the up coming season. I have an idea for what I want out of sponsorship for 2007. Not much is different from the previous years, but I see a Cannondale endurance team using Cateye lights, and still rocking the products from the other sponsors. One thing I would like to see in 2007 is the addition to Cannondale clothing added to Sloane and my weapons of choice. Something like this...but of course with the Cateye team flavor and flow. Cannondale has some sweet clothing for 2007 that is cut out using "lasers". It's light, and there are no areas of extreme bulk in the seem areas.

    So, for the next few months, it's a waiting game. Who's on...who's off. I am hoping to hear some good words in the area of financial support for the team. It would be cool to be able to have Sloane and myself hit up the Granny Gear Series for 2007 along with some other larger events.

    Cross your fingers with me, as the 2007 starts now! This is my goal.