• Bike Club: Dust. Lights. Rain.

    Another Friday night meant one thing....gravel grinder. Pretty much the same route as last Friday. This week we had a few more folks along for the ride. Plus we had Heinz, Paul, and Mad Max come up from the Ames area. They guys are no stranger to the gravel grinder format as they are the Trans-Iowa Ames Crew. As mentioned the format was the same as last Friday...leave at 6 PM...get back to town when you do...and go as fast or slow as you want.

    Here is my pre-ride nutrition. EnerG-Ease for an energy boost....Tablytes for some sustained electrolytes....and my on the bike fuel thanks to Hammer Nutrition.

    We all met up at Pfieffer Park in CF. Doug rock's his 29er Fisher...and Fry, well...he's just being Fry.

    The Ageless Wonder (Adamson) and Bidwell discuss Bidwell's recent aquire of a sweet ninja suit...and matching ninja-mobile.

    Ames Crew piles out of the car to get suited up in their costumes.

    My Zoolander moment?

    Ahhhhh yes...A fine example of Iowa gravel ginding. Is it just me, or does it look like I have Johnny #5 stuck to my head?

    Mad Max consumes his beverage of choice. I wonder what it might be?


    Super Saul goes light weight this week, deciding to leave the hydration pack at home and mount his bottle in ridiculous positions.

    Sun is starting to set. Notice the moon in the upper left corner? One thing about Friday's ride was the dust. My bike, legs, shorts, and everything else had a nice white film on it.

    'Tis the season. I would say about 1/2 of the fields in this part of the state are picked.

    Getting ever so close to Parkersburg.

    Bidwell and Paul watch so of the speed freaks rage ahead.

    Super Saul crests...and takes in the view.

    Final leg into Parkersburg. Here we have Super Saul (red light) riding off into town. While in the background on the right you can see the lights from the Friday night high school football game.

    Provisions were needed once into Parkersburg. Adamson, Saul, Doug, and Mad Max compare dust patches on their bodies.

    Paul is a pizza man!

    When we started to get ready to head home...the rain started to fall lightly.

    Soon as we were good to go...it was in full on rain mode.

    Here is the start of the night pictures. There are not very many night shots mostly because it was a steady rain the entire ride back into Cedar Falls. With the rain and the sudden wind blowing from the NW we headed back to town on a similar route that we came out on. The rain and cool temps made for a chilly trip home.

    Paul and his "laser"

    That's all folks. Got in around 50 miles in 3ish hours. Got wet. Got dusty. That was a good Friday night.