• Ergon '07 Sneak Peek (updated)

    Just got this from Ergon. Here are a few new products to be hit'n the shelves in 2007...

    Saddle has a tension adjustment to allow the saddle to slightly hinge in the center... very innovative. Like it firm... tighten it up. Like it soft... loosen it up. Due to an automatic pressure relief mechanism in the middle section, the rider’s weight is distributed on the sit bones and genital area in an optimal way. Thus the load on both areas will be very low, which seemed to be impossible in the past. In addition the large seat area optimizes the load distribution. The anatomically optimized shape of the saddle prevents compression pain. The moveable middle section of the saddle prevents numbness in the genital area often caused by reduced blood flow.
    The rider can adjust the dynamic load relief individually. Thus the saddle can be adapted on rider’s weight and riding style. The SM1 model is designed for mountain bike riders and has a soft rear bumper and soft nose. For road cyclists, the SR1 comes with a slim carbon nose. Both saddles are available in two sizes, small and large.

    Cycling backpack ia a really innovative design. No strain of the pack straps against your body. Using the central Flink® ball joint, the carrying system is no longer coupled to the backpack itself. It allows almost unrestricted movement of the upper body and relocates the center of gravity of the load to the hips. Pressure is steadily and equally distributed onto the shoulders which is very gentle on the back. This ingenious system allows a totally new and highly comfortable carrying sensation. The backpack stays firm in every situation, preventing undesired slipping on climbs, on technically demanding or downhill. The carrying system is shaped differently for men and women according to the gender-specific differences in body shape – the backpack is available with carrying systems in two sizes, making it adjustable to different body heights. The backpack can be individually customized for varying back lengths. The BD1 and BD2 have differing carrying loads. Both models have a sophisticated design and feature many sensible, innovative details. Some highlight features....
    Waterproof zippers
    Helmet flap, stowaway
    Composite frame
    Easy access back pocket
    Hydration bladder of 4 & 5 Liters
    Rain cover

    GX grips are 20% lighter, better looking, improved shape, and use carbon fiber. These grips are based on the successful concept of the comfort handle grips of the P Series and R Series. The compactly constructed platform of the GX1 and GX2 features a much slimmer wing, reducing the diameter in the middle part, thus allowing the rider to change the position of the hand according to the changing riding conditions. Pressure, especially in the area of the ulnar nerve, is distributed almost as well as with the P Series and R Series. The grips of the GX Series are made of lightweight craton rubber. Due to its low density, this dual compound rubber has excellent cushioning qualities. The GX1 grip comes with a high-strength, lightweight clamp and reduces weight to a minimum compared to the P1. The GX2 features a multiposition bar end made of 100 % carbon – weighing only 34 g! Using the superior WMT manufacturing technology (Wrap Mould Technology) for a bar end for the first time, an aluminum inlay is no longer necessary. The GX Series is becoming the standard for serious pro racing.