• Evening Group Gravel Ride Photo Blog

    Ahhhhhh yes....the smell of Fall is in the air. Junk miles are being accumulated in huge numbers. Most of the local guys are done racing for the most part. So now, it just saddle time and goofing around. Below is some pics and a short clip from Tuesday nights fridged gravel grinder. Yes, I would like to take the time to thank the Canadians for sending us this cold air. Todays high was 50 degrees, and tonight we are to receive our first frost of the year. Thanks!

    Buchanandale was in charge of snacks.

    Minnesota's finest.

    Doug rocks the 29er 'cause that's how he rollz.

    J. Fry put'n the hurt on.

    My turn.

    Doug, J. Fry, Saul, and Buchanandale cruise.

    "Is this where we eat snacks?"

    The entire clan. (L to R) Buchanadale, Chief Huge Calves, Doug, Saul, J. Fry.

    Somehow managed to find a freshly picked corn field to ride through.

    Game face?

    Oooooo, pretty.

    Notice the downtube...

    No, that is not Gain Belt Beer he is drinking....but rather a weeks worth of sugar in the form of Red Bull.

    Saul is a natural 24 Hr racer...and doesn't even know it yet.

    Crossing over the Cedar River on the final leg home.

    Now it is time to plan a night gravel ride. Say leave around 6 and get back around 10ish. Anyone interested? Maybe do it Friday? Gravel at night this time of the year is awesome...and it's like you have anything else better to do. Right?