• Like a bunny on crack...

    Yesterday's 1.5 hour ride was scary! Scary as in..."My legs should feel worse than this." I have never felt this good after a 24 hour effort. Yesterday on my ride I felt like I could just keep going...and going...and going. I pretty much had to tell myself to get off the damn bike and go home and rest and stretch. Right now I am feeling well enough to put forth a good effort this weekend. Only time will tell. You'll just have to ask me how I feel at midnight.

    Today is another short ride. Looks to be Buchanandale and myself spinning around the park put'n out the vibe (insert funky beat here). After that it's back to the store to pic up a few supplies for the race. All of my equipment is pretty good to go. Just need to charge a couple batteries, and make a few air pressure adjustments to the Rush's.

    It's Go Time once again!