• What to do?

    Not much going on since the 4th. As seen in the earlier post, the 4th was a fast day in the saddle. To combat the fatigue left over from that ride, I took yesterday off and just did the commute to work to spin the legs out. Not to mention load up on Recover-Ease which still ceases to blow my mind Today I feel pretty good, so I am going to head out on the road bike for some short efforts. I am still unsure about this weekend and whether or not I will be head'n over to the 6 hour race. High gas prices in WI, and low funds lead the reasoning behind my decision. Friday is pay day at work, so maybe I can figure something out. I still have a few days to ponder the decision.

    I leave you with a t-shirt I worked up quick to show support of this years Tour "day" France.