• July 4th Madness.

    Good ride on this July 4th. Nice weather, and long fast miles made for a damn good workout. Things started early at 7 AM for the group which included: Kisch, Fry, Doug, Kevin, and myself. We all meet up in Waterloo and head south out of town with the goal of rage'n to the magical number of 100 miles.

    The group heading through town en route to the edge of town.

    Pace was comfortable as we headed south towards Dysart. Most pulls were being taken in and around 25 mph. Here we have Fry and Doug leading the group South early on.

    Once we got to Dysart road the pace went to instant insane mode. Pulls at 30+ mph on one of the hilliest routes in the area made the group split up. Early we lost Doug, and Fry and Kevin hung on for dear life as Kisch and myself did all the work to Dysart. Once to Dysart we all regrouped for the ride back North.

    We all took the time to feed our faces for the other miles that would be coming soon. Here Kisch explains to the group that "Vender size" Oatmeal Cream Pies are the only food needed to ride long and hard. Priceless

    Fry gives the thumbs up as the suffering has stopped for the moment.

    Kevin pedals his "Bling!"

    Here is 5 minutes of video heading towards Hudson.

    Next stop was Hudson were the group stopped to fill bottles and grab what ever "items" they might need for the final 40 miles. I think Kisch is about to eat some leftover Oatmeal Cream pie that may have fallen onto his sleeve. Or not.

    Todays weapons of choice.

    Not only is Kisch fueled by Oatmeal Cream Pies...but also 44oz. of Coke. Dang! I guess that is what is needed to fuel the diesel engine.

    After Hudson it was onto Dike, and then Cedar Falls. The pace backed off for awhile, but soon enough the group was drag'n each other down the road. Fry threw down an attack going into Dike and back in Cedar Falls that was good enough to get away. Very good efforts on his part. Once back into town we all went our seperate ways. As for me, I spun around town for a bit to spin out the legs. I felt really good today and all I ate and drank was 2 Hammer Bars, 2 bottles of HEED, 1 bottle of water, 4 Anti-Fatigue caps, and 4 Endurolytes. I feel really good about up and coming Nationals!

    Here are the stats for my computer....
    Time in Saddle: 5 hrs, 4 min, 6 sec.
    Distance: 96.6 miles
    Average Speed: 19 mph
    Max Speed: 38.4 mph