• T-Minus 2 weeks and Counting.

    Let the taper begin. It's just about 2 weeks till National's in WI, so it's time to start resting up. During the 2 weeks leading up to 24 Nationals rest will be important, but I will still get in a couple hard efforts each week to keep the legs happy and snappy. Most of those efforts will come by the way of the Tuesday and maybe Thursday night group rides. Listening to my body will be the up most important over the next 2 weeks. Along with shorterr rides, eatting proper and sleeping will be important also. This is just one piece of the puzzle that needs to come together to have a successfull race.

    The word now, is that Cannondale will be on site at 24 Nationals. The plan is to have Sloane, Buchanandale, and myself pitting out of the same pit area. If you get there early on Friday or Saturday, make sure to swing by and say "Hi." Right now, I am planning on pre-riding sometime around 3ish on Friday. So, any and all are welcomed.

    Now it's time for a little rant...

    If I raced NORBA National XC race I would be pissed! Look at that course! Seems that there is a lot of disgust going around about the NORBA courses. There are plenty of great singletrack venues around the US of A whay not use them? I am surprised Mr. Craig isn't rock'n his CX bike here like he did last year during the Series race. Looking at this picture I can now see and understand why the Euro pro's have more skill and speed on what I consider a mnt bike course. To each there own I guess. Really, I think this is USA Cyclings plot to do away with NORBA and start breeding a new crop of Tour racers. Thoughts on that?

    Rant off.