• Accelerade: My Final Verdict

    So I have had about 3 weeks on the new Lemonade flavor of Accelerade. This is my first ever usage of this product, and must say that I do come away with a need/want for the other flavors. Normally, I am one to shy away from sour or citrus flavor drinks and gels during exercise due to the sticky spit that results. This often leads to coughing and swallowing difficulties. I was expecting to get this from this product...but I was wrong. I used this drink as directed on rides lasting one hour and rides lasting over 5 hours. I even tried the product in some different weather conditions...all the way from rainy and 60 degrees to the current hot and sticky weather much of the USA is experiencing now. Here are my final thoughts and comments...

    Flavor Flav: The first drink is like diluted lemonade. It tastes great with no lingering aftertaste. I find myself wanting to drink this product over the long run, unlike certain drinks which I can only stomach for about 6 hours before I start having to force it down. YUCK!

    Hot or Cold: Honestly, I'll take it either way, but cold is best. I have ridden with the product in bottles right out of the fridge...and...I have had a bottle sit in my cage for 3 hours in 90+ degree heat before drinking it. I can say that in both cases the product went down smooth.

    Bottle Carnage: Hey, guess what! It's doesn't grow a rain forest in unwashed bottles. Bonus! Certain products or hydration packs might start to grow mold after not washing. I purposely left a bottle sit for a few days with a little drink mix left inside. The result was nothing.

    Milk Shake: Well, it is not that thick, but it is thicker than the drinks I normally use. I found this to not be an issue. You would think that the product would not mix up easy, but to date, Accelerade is the easiest product to mix in a bottle. No more chunks stuck to the bottom!

    Kick in the Butt: I personally didn't feel a burst of energy while using the product. But I did have sustained effort and energy while keeping intake at a normal level based on my body type and effort output. On the otherhand, another local lab rat said he was feel'n it.

    Final Words: Do I like this product? Yes. Do I recommend it? Sure. But as with all sports nutrition, I advise to do trial-n-error runs before competition. As for me, I already have a nutrition program in place. What I do works, and I do not plan on changing anytime soon. I am sure I could work Accelerade into my current endurance protocol but really have no need to. If you are still looking for that magical go-fast drink mix I suggest taking a look at Accelerade. You might be pleasantly surprised!