• RUSH'n Down The Road

    Tuesday night was the first of many RUSH vs. the Roadies. This work out is great for the stand point of power to the pedal, spinning efficiency, and overall suffer points. The idea is pretty simple...show up to the local road group ride on the mountain bike. When I do this its a matter of how long can I last before I "pop." It's not a matter of "if", but rather "when."

    Tonight we had a good group. The pace started out pretty easy riding down the road at 20-22mph. The plan for the night was to go up to Shell Rock, but I believe the heat got to some people, so the ride went to New Hartford and then back to Cedar Falls. Super Dave mad a few jumps off the front that got me wound up...and then Fry would go. I would have to chase down, then sit it. I was already red-lining, so attack once i bridged the gap was not going to happen.

    The move of the night would be the large hill en route to New Hartford. This short and steep hill blew the field in half. For me, I was at the back after the pull, so I was off before I had a chance. Rob, managed to make the jump to the pack by moving around the pack on the gravel shoulder of the road. It was a total mnt biker move, that I am sure would have a USCF official shaking his head.

    A few guys got away on the hill and made it to the T-intersection where half the group went to Shell Rock and the others headed back to CF. For me, i headed back to CF as I was getting low on H2O. Those of us that went back to CF road together tillwe got to 27th street. Once we started the 7 mile trek back to town Fry and Doug-e-Fresh took a flyer off the front. I made a bad move and bidged the gap. The down fall was that I went too hard to get to them and then was shelled out the back. The guys behind me then went flying by and I was left to suffer back into town by myself. Oh, joy.

    So the short of it is that I got my suffering in. It hurt. A lot. Now it's time to simmer down for this weekends Marathon. Here are the stats from the RUSH's Cateye Microwireless...
    Time: 2 hrs 52 min 56 sec
    Distance: 54.23 miles
    Average Speed: 18.8 mph
    Max Speed: 35.6 mph

    Note to self: Take a hydration pack next time. DOH!

    Note to Cannondale: The RUSH is a great road bike!

    Note to Power Bar: Never stop making the Cookies-n-Cream flavored bar

    One final note:
    "Guitar Ted Death March Invitational." Looks like fun to me! CLICK HERE to show some interest!