• Specialty Prep. For 24 Nationals.

    For those of you that are planning on doing 24 Hour Nationals in WI this July, you better be ready. Be very prepared if you are racing solo in the National chmpionship category. I say this because, the course at 9 Mile is fast. As in 80% of the course is XC ski trail. I have good reason to believe that if the course is dry that the winner will be pushing a total mileage for the 24 hours of over 300 miles. With 15 miles being the lap distance it will not be overly difficult to turn 1 hour laps here. You will become very used to rage'n the big ring on your bike of choice.

    That leds me to my specialty prep for this event. Learn to suffer like a dog. One of the best way to do this is to show up for the road group ride on the mnt bike. Big ring action and lactic acid tolerance are the norm for this type of training. Stay tuned, cause tonight is going to hurt like hell.