January is here, and that means one thing in my book...2 bike workouts on Tuesday's, Thursday's, and a long ride on Sunday's. This month is a big month for me. The workouts are very dialed and specific. Yes, I am doing 2 workouts a day on some days, but they rarely hit the 2.5 hour mark. Most of my workouts are MT, Power, or Leg speed based. The longest one of these intervals might go is 10 minutes. Come February, I will be getting into the 20-45 minutes intervals of another variety. For the 2-A-Day workouts the first will be at the YMCA on the spin bike, so I can get the resistance I want/need. The other will be after work at the House of Pain. There is nothing better to pass the time than group indoor roller sessions. I might snap some pictures tonight of the group indoor ride. After the 5+ hour ride on Sunday, I can say that I am where I need to be for the 1st of the year. It wasn't till the last 5 miles of the ride Sunday that I started to feel a loss in power to the pedals. T-minus 3 months to the 60 miler down in Arkansas. I want the record!

    What else...
    This is a nerve racking time of year. Why? Cause sponsors are getting their gear sent out to athletes. Sometimes it shows the first week of January, or 2 days before the first race. I just hope everything comes in the month of January, so I can get bikes dialed and fitted to my specs. Speaking of sponsors, I can't wait to get my hands on those carbon hoops from Cole Wheels that I spied at Interbike. Ultra pimp and super light disc goodness.

    Trans-Iowa V.2 is off and running. The racer housing is being worked on right now, and the stuff sacks should be ordered here in the next 3 weeks. Have you see the forum lately?

    Time to load up the MP3 player with fresh tunes and hit up bike workout 1 at the YMCA.

    Viva la 2006 Race Season!!!!!!