• Gravel Goo 2006

    First ride of the year was a good one. Just ask any of those that were there. The temps were a balmy 36 degrees. The wind was out of the NE at 10-15 mph. And the gravel was a mixture of hardpack and peanut butter. Throw in saddle time from 9:30 AM till 3:45 PM, and you have excellent conditions for thrashed legs. And now as promised in the earlier post, here are the pictures.

    If you follow any rider, make sure you follow Chief Bulging Calves...a.k.a Craig Engstrom.

    Super Saul, Fox, and JY bring'n up the rear.

    Mr. Hawkeye himself, Landon Beechy, made the trip up from South of Iowa City to join todays ride. He's no stranger to the enduro scene as he has completed the Cascade 1200k brevet in Washington state.

    Surprise JY!

    John Adamson, JY, and Chief Bulging Calves leading us into New Hartford.

    Chill'n out with the crew at the Kwik Star in New Hartford. This would be stop 1 of 2 for nutrition. JY took the time to fill his camera also. He will have mucho pictures to share on his site also.

    This is a bad nutritional option. Really, what can meat encased in a slimy skin do for ya?

    Heading out of the New Hartford Hills towards Parkersburg.

    Priceless! Here we see Mike Lebeda of Des Moines putting forth some effort on his Monocog.

    The one. The only. Super Saul.

    Here is our final destination...Aplington. We stopped at the Casey's to grab food before the 30 mile slog back to Waterloo into the 10-15 mph headwind.

    Chief Bulging Calves kept talking about the mini dogs in Aplington. Well, here he shows us he wasn't full of s**t. Nice doggy.

    Bring'n it home.

    Landon was giggling like a school girl the whole time.

    That's a wrap. I am cooked. I hope everyone had a good time.