• "I Can't Make It."

    Trans-Iowa V.2 is at full speed. The discussion is going strong and huge. The field is full. And, of course some people are now second guessing their decision to join this trek across the state. There are numerous people around cyber space who have also noticed this. You can read a rant HERE....and HERE....and even HERE. The online discussion speaks for itself. As far as my thinking on the matter...anyone can sign up. We are all big boys and girls. We can make our own choices. Either you can do it or you can. Simple as that. Those who train and prep with the most heart will roll across the line in Decorah.

    In other news...
    Muscle tension work out today on the bike followed by leg speed work. Tomorrow, I might try to get out in the AM for some gravel/snow riding. JY, you up for riding on Friday also? As far as the bike goes, i am right on schedule to go for Oauchita Challenge. I can't wait. The only down fall right now is: will I be riding last years Giant NRS or something new? Not sure yet. Only time will tell.

    My training buddy, Buchanandale, has 2 bikes for sale. A Trek Fuel and a Giant XTC with carbon stays. If ya need a bike, these things are priced to go and in super shape. Contact him!

    Time to get ready for the YMCA. I should be outside today with the nice weather, but my specific workout is more important and cannot be duplicated in the flatness of Iowa.