• Photo Dump!

    Warm weather = gravel grind'n fun. 4 of us set out for some chamois time in this great late December weather. I will spare you all the details, and just dump a bunch of pictures on ya. Enjoy!

    My weapon of choice for early season gravel. A Surly 1x1 with 34x17 gearing.

    Super Saul getting ready to put the Cannondale Team issue CX bike to shame.

    Mike Fox sport'n the new booties and thermal tights he recently purchased at Europa Cycle and Ski.

    Citron Rob Deer Slayer still smile'n on that Fisher 29er

    Fog looming in the distance.

    Fox and Saul leading the train.

    "This gravel riding is a piece of cake. I should try Trans-Iowa V.2."

    Check it out!
    herd flock of turkeys.

    Ahhhhh, they are everywhere!

    The final stretch of gravel back into Waterloo/Cedar Falls.
    This is the first time since the first snow fall of the year I have actually seen gravel.