• Here comes the white crap!

    Yep, the weather man is forecasting snow for the next few days. The counties to the NW of us are in a Winter Weather Advisory. Here in the 'Loo we are looking to get from a trace to 1 inch. To make things worse the wind is supposed to blow at a sustained 20-40 mph again. Winter is officially here! [sigh]

    Went to the YMCA today for another session of weights. Once again, a lady put me to shame on the chest press machine. She may be able to press 180 lbs, but can she ride her bike for 24 straight hours? Who knows. To each their own.

    My team manager has started his own blog. He's into the 'cross scene, so that is what the blog deals with. So, if ya like high end Ridley carbon cross bikes, and cross racing in Japan...CHECK IT OUT!

    Trans-Iowa is drawing near. So who's thinking about doing it and where are you driving from? Sound off.