• Reason #24 Cedar Falls/Waterloo is a Cyclsits Dream


    Hey Riders,

    How 'bout that weather forecast!

    It has been a great fall for night riding on the mt bike, but it looks like things are changing. So, here's the announcement that I'm sure everyone has been waiting for .... THE HOUSE OF PAIN IS OPEN.

    For the rest of November, the weather will rule. There may be some really nice days yet to come, and I'd hate to be stuck indoors. But, it cools off quickly when the sun goes down, and my knees turn purple at about 45 degrees. So the house will be open if any of the following are true:
    There's a cold wind a-blowin'
    There's rain or snow a-fallin'
    The day's high temp is chillin' (below mid 50s)

    For December and beyond, the House will probably be open regardless of the weather.

    Here are the specifics:
    Tuesdays and Thursdays - rides officially start at 6:00 p.m.
    If you want to come a little early so that you're ready to ride at 6, that's great. If you want to come at 5:15 so that you have a big puddle of sweat by the time everyone else arrives, that's great, too. If you want to come around 6:15, you'll miss the warm up, but still get the good stuff. Please don't come earlier than 5 p.m., as the printing crew may still be working.

    Same as previous. For new folks (and all are welcome) The House of Pain is at Congdon Printing & Imaging, 115 East Second Street, CF. Enter through the black door in the side of the building on Second Street. This is the entrance to the press room, not the front office. The place will probably look deserted, but keep walking toward the back of the building and eventually you'll find a bunch of bikers.

    Bring your own bike. Road bikes work best, but anything can be made to work. The team has a limited supply of extra rollers and trainers available on a first-come basis. If you have your own equipment, bring it. A storage room is available if you want to leave bikes or equipment in The House between sessions. Restrooms are available for changing clothes before and
    after riding.

    The month of November will probably be just spinning, and organized group workouts will start in December.

    So, The House of Pain is Open. You don't have to be strong, experienced, or good-looking. Just show up and we'll ride hard, sweat and suffer together.