• Tuesdays Training Ride Stats.

    Ride Time: 4 hours, 26 minutes, 19 sec.

    Average Speed:
    18.4 mph

    81.66 miles

    Max Speed:
    35.0 mph

    Bike Used:
    Giant NRS Air with slicks

    Time I Left the Apartment:
    2:15 PM

    Time I Returned Home:
    7:25 PM

    Number of Times Up Look-Out-Park-Hill:

    Number of TT Laps Around George Wyth State Park:

    Number of Bottles consumed with ELETE:

    Time Group Ride Started:
    6:04 PM

    Number of Riders:
    4 (Me, Robert Fry, Stone, Adamson)

    Average Speed During Group Ride:
    I don't know! It was always over 20 mph when I looked.

    Bugs Caught in My Eyes:
    5...give or take a few

    Bug on Shower Floor From Getting Stuck in My Helmet:

    Did Todays Ride Hurt:

    Number of Time My Legs About Blew Up: 5 or 6

    Number of Times it Burned: Many!

    Number of Times it Itched: Never.

    Strongest Rider Tonight: Toss up...John or Stone. Hey, How about me. I had 3 hour in my legs before the group ride and still survived.

    Hammer Gel Flavor Used:

    Air Temp:
    85 degrees

    Riders Not Wearing Helmets:
    Too Many!

    Recovery day. Walking to work.

    Funiest Thing I Saw Today: A lady about tip over on her Trek 7100 going up hill cause she had it in a HUGE gear. SPIN PEOPLE!!!