Congrats to Wiens for winning the 50-miler! My race was good....and bad all in the matter of 100-miles.

    Cut-n-paste from the team release....

    This year marked the 5th year for the Bailey Hundo, a non-profit event that uses the race entry fees to support Trips for Kids, the Colorado League of high school MTB racing, and COMBA. Add in the professional organization and the enthusiastic Bailey community and you have a top-shelf event that utilizes some of the most amazing singletrack in the state of Colorado.

    In previous years, the Bailey Hundo was a stand alone 100-mile event. New for 2014, the Bailey Hundito was added, a 50-mile event. Lining up at 6 AM on a Saturday morning in downtown Bailey, CO would be nearly 500 racers, all looking to complete either the 50 or 100 mile events. Dave Wiens would represent the team in the 50-mile race, while Jeff Kerkove would saddle up for the 100-mile race.

    2014 Bailey Hundo and Hundito

    The race start was launched with the blast of a shotgun. Both the 50 and 100 mile racers started together, so Jeff and Dave were able to ride close to the front together as the field made its way south of town in search of the Colorado Trail. At the first climb, the field quickly separated. “I tried to hang with the top guys who, by the way were riding 55 miles more than me, but I got gapped off pretty fast. They were pinning it, said Dave in regards to the start. Jeff wasn’t far behind. “I could see Dave in front of me, but I had to keep a lid on my effort. So I never caught up to him. I was in for a 6-7 hour day,” commented Jeff.

    2014 Bailey Hundo and Hundito

    Dave continued to ride his pace in the 50-mile race. Really never sure of his placing in the race, Dave pushed his freshly built Canyon Lux CF to it’s limit on loose and dry Colorado Trail. “I was never sure exactly who might be ahead or behind me so I kept on the gas the entire distance,” said Dave after finishing. After racing hard for 50-mile and not really knowing his placing, Dave would cross the finish line in 1st place, becoming the first winner of the inaugural Bailey Hundito.

    2014 Bailey Hundo and Hundito

    Meanwhile, in the 100-mile race, Jeff was doing what he does best….start slow and finish fast. At the 60-mile checkpoint, Jeff was sitting in 7th overall with only a 2 minute gap to 5th and 6th. “I settled into a good late race pace. It didn’t take long and I moved into 5th with 20 miles to go, I could see 4th place up the road….I was very motivated,” said Jeff. Cruising the last 15 miles of the race, Jeff increased his effort, only to strain a muscle in the upper-hamstring of is left leg. “I’m not sure what happened, it has never happened before. It was a huge bummer, as I could barely pedal with my left leg.” Jeff slowed dramatically and went from hunting for that podium position to now just finishing. After finishing Jeff said, “That is the ups and downs of racing. I just need to make sure this isn’t a major injury, rest, then get back on the bike for the next events of the season.” Jeff would cross the line in 9th place in the Pro Men’s field.

    2014 Bailey Hundo and Hundito

    Next up, Dave will head to New York for the Leadville Qualifier Series event. Jeff heads to Durango, CO for the Durango Dirty 100

    Photos by Primal Wear, Inc. and Linda Guerrette Photography

    Dave Wiens, 1st, Pro Men, Hundito (50-mile race)
    Jeff Kerkove, 9th, Pro Men, Hundo (100-mile race)