• Addiction

    Heard the word many times in regards to my new found backcountry nordic skiing habit. Honestly, it's a blast and I am addicted....a good break from the bike. If I can't log the big hours on the bike, might as well get them on the skis.

    Bike time is still happening, just on the trainer for 60-90 minutes a day, super specific and to the point. Aside from the bike, this is why the skiing is good....

    6 hr ski tour

    Lots of snow up above 11,000 ft south east of Eagle, CO....good snow at that. Here is the highlights from the last few 4-6 hour tours....

    4 hour backcountry nordic ski with KJ

    TMP's Bacon Ski

    4 hour backcountry nordic ski with KJ

    Skiing on hold this weekend. Heading to the warmth of the Front Range to get in some hours on the bike. The following weekend? A 3-day riding binge in St. George, UT with like minded folks. Can't wait!!