• My version of winter sports

    Fact: I don't ski...and every time I get the bug to go try we get a 70F degree day.  That pretty much kills my lust for strapping long sticks to the bottom of my paws.  We'll it is not 70F today in Colorado....but it is above freezing and we did get about 1/4 inch of snow last night.  Perfect conditions to get the mtb out on the road. Plus, with the Super Bowl going down today.....vehicle traffic was pretty low.  So, I suited up with a bunch of layer....including 3 layers of booties...and hopped on the mtb and headed west to get some climbing it.

    First up was Poudre Canyon. Roads....for the most part were just wet. A few spots in the shade that had the rear tire jumping to the side.

    Buckhorn CanyonNext up was the high point in the ride....a north facing road...which means no warm sun to melt the snow. The northern end of Buckhorn Canyon was a real treat! No standing here....the rear tire would spin out.

    Buckhorn CanyonTopping out right around 7,200 ft, it was a tad chilly as expected.

    Remainder of this 4 hour base mile ride was mostly down hill to Fort Collins....a few brief climbs.  Of course, the roads we a little sloppy....left me with a 2x10 system that was forced by ice into a 1x10 system.  Good thing there was no steep climbs today.

    Rolling a 1x10 due to road conditions

    Full details of the ride, including HR and elevation data.