• Beat the weather, kind of

    50F and warm yesterday was a tease!  Woke up this AM to mostly sunny skies and temps right at freezing.  Forecast called for snow, wind, and colder temps to roll into the area late in the afternoon.  So, I pounded out all my work early this AM and hopped on the bike for the 3x20 sub-threshold intervals.

    Sub-threshold intervalsRolling west above Fort Collins to sun and warmth. 36F and sun is warm for Colorado at 9 AM.

    Sub-threshold intervalsThe workout went very well. 20 minutes at 300 watts....do it 3 times on rolling terrain and then spin home.

    Sub-threshold intervalsRolling back to Fort Collins and dark clouds moving in. Looked more like a thunderstorm was moving in rather than snow.

    Sub-threshold intervalsAbout 2 miles from home the snow began to fall....and my front tire went flat. Instead of stopping to fix the flat, I just rode it home.