• Detox

    Testing the new Ergon GS1 gripsBack on the bike today after 3 days of standing on my feet at Interbike....and then 2 days in the Ergon van to get home. Wow, that is worse on the body than actually racing hard. I felt like I was drag'n a ball and chain all over the rocky terrain in the Fort Collins foothills. Not to mention I was hitting just about every bad line there could be.

    Testing the new Ergon GS1 gripsOn the plus side, I got to get some testing time on the new GS1 grip that will be coming out in 2011. The GS1 is a long distance race grip. Think of it as a comfort version of the GX1. Weighing in at 158 grams 145 grams for the pair, they are on par with the GX1's for weight....which are 132 grams a set.

    Testing the new Ergon GS1 gripsAfter spending about 1.5 hours on the GS1 today, I have a feeling this grip will surpass the GX1 in rider/race usage. Overall, it is so much softer than the 'xc race' oriented GX1.  While each model has its specific usage, the GS1 will be a hit with racers and non-racers alike.  Plus, the price point is the same.....at $39.95

    Training continues to be minimal for the next week or so.  I found a place to move into today.  It is as close to the mountains as you can get with out actually being in the mountains.  Access to trails is literally around the block.  A huge score for the price!

    Got to keep on honing the fitness.  Possible one last big race coming in the next month or so.  Details to come if it materializes!