• Bagging even more red blood cells

    More CTR training on tap today.....but with no bike.  Spent some time hiking a 14er here in Colorado.  With my parents in town for a few days before heading off on a 'cooler' vacation in Alaska later in the weekend...my Dad joined me for the climb to the top of Grays Peak.  Elevation 14,270 ft.  Grays is one of the easier 14ers....as well as one of the busiest due to its access from Denver.  My Dad and I made the round trip in 4.5 hours.  Pace was leisure and comfortable.  The pictures tell the story.

    Grays Peak: 14,270 ft9 AM start. A little late by 14er standards....but we made it work.

    Grays Peak: 14,270 ftYes rocky, it is the Rocky Mountains after all.

    Grays Peak: 14,270 ft
    Dad sitting at around 13,000 ft....staring at the summit.  He was a sea level yesterday.  "Got a little Captain in you?"

    Grays Peak: 14,270 ft
    More creatures on the route today. No zoom needed. They were close and not moving too fast.

    Grays Peak: 14,270 ftLooking across to another 14er.....Torreys Peak.

    Grays Peak: 14,270 ftThe summit at 14,270 feet.  Picture was taken by a goat.  Seriously.

    Grays Peak: 14,270 ftThe Suunto Core was only 2 ft off.

    360 view from the summit.

    Heading back down. Watch out for the goat!

    Grays Peak: 14,270 ft
    Heading back down...as some dark clouds moved in and dropped some light rain/sleet. About 20-25 people on the 2 summits today when we were there.

    Grays Peak: 14,270 ftBack to the parking lot at 11,200 ft after 4.5 hours of hiking.

    All the photos posted here.