• Mother Nature wins

    Will it rain/sleet/snow?Was looking forward to the 3.5 hours on the mtb bike today. The forecast on the other hand was not helping my cause. I left this AM staring directly into black clouds parked right over where I was planning to ride today.  Normally when you see this it is a 50-50 shot as to if those clouds will make it over the mountains and into the foothills...and then town.

    Trails were good...until the rain moved in.The first miles of trail were primo...and I only ran into a few other mtbers out there today.

    Trails were good...until the rain moved in.As I rode, the weather inched closer and closer.

    Trails were good...until the rain moved in.
    I kept riding...telling myself I was not turning around until I started to feel those first drops.

    Throwing on the gore-texSure enough, at the furthest point from the front door....the skies started to open up with bone chilling precip. Out came the gore-tex. I ended up riding home on the road, as retracing my tracks would have been a muddy hell.