• Easing into it.

    Test run with loaded seat bag on CTR bikeWith the start of the Colorado Trail Race a little over 2 months away, the practice/testing/trial runs have begun.  Today was the first day taking the race bike out with a fully loaded seat bag.  Inside the seat bag was a MontBell sleeping bag, Montbell Gore-Tex sleeping bag cover/bivy, and a small tarp.  The weight of these 3 items is not that much, but, when you strap it to the back of your big it does make the bike handle a little different.

    Test run with loaded seat bag on CTR bikeI also ran the 'gas tank' on the top tube. It is filled with some PowerBar products, 2 tubes, and a Topeak shock pump. Granted these are not the items that will be in here on race day...these were items I needed for the day. The shock pump was along to dial in the bike on the trail...but was not needed.

    3 hr mtb tempo on CTR race bikethe route for the day? A bunch of different terrain. Everything for rocky and choppy to fast and smooth. Bike handled it all sooooo smoothly. Can't wait to get it fully loaded for that first over night training ride!