• Week of Recovery

    Home elevationThis week was a well planned week of recovery by Coach. Yes, I did bring the road bike and a trainer home....but those sessions are short and too the point. I am spending 1 hr each morning before breakfast doing some mito work. What is that you ask? Well, check out this link to keep me from typing a marathon length blog post. Heck, being 3,000 ft lower than where I normally train and sleep should aid in some fantastic recovery. Right?

    Trainer session in Iowa
    The view all week....as the snow dumps outside. Heck temps are warm for this time of year, sitting at 32F....but there is so much ice and snow on the roads. Only option is don't ride...or ride indoors. I'll ride indoors before I sit on my butt for 7 days.

    AM trainer sessionI wish I could get a power file to look like this outside. Guess this is what you get with no variables like hills and wind.

    Time to go eat that 1 lb brick of fudge!