• The icy sweet spot

    Chilly interval sessionIt's chilly out there folks! Temps have been below normal....and from the looks of it, this has been the case for a while as some of the more high traveled roads that I train on have some sections of super packed snow, ice, and black ice. The last snow fall that occurred while I was in Iowa must have had some wind with it, because some on the north-south roads were drifted shut at one point. High drifts along the side of the road are all that remain.

    Chilly interval sessionI am not going to lie, I was thinking about keeping the workout indoors today...just like yesterday. But I have not been outside on the bike in just about 2 weeks. I had to get out there. I layered up for the 25F temp that was reading at the NOAA website at the time I headed out of the house. First half of the 2.5 hour ride was fine...as I had a tail wind. Coming back...into the wind.....was dang chilly. Slightly sweat soaked clothing was letting some of the cool air get through.

    3 x 20 min. intervalsLW Coaching had me doing some more fun intervals today. Three 20 minute intervals in that oh so popular 'sweet spot'. First interval is where I saw the most ice and snow along the frontage road of I-25. Talk about sketchy!

    Really looking forward to some weekend group rides. Weather is looking good with temps in the upper 40F's. Sweet!