• Foaming at the mouth!

    It's race week once again. This time, it's a 100 miler on the west side of the Grant Tetons at Grand Targhee Ski Resort. Race is a simple four 25 mile laps on a course that looks to be toughy. This is a first year event and I am always up for racing in new places, so the event should be a good time in a great part of the USA.

    Foaming at the mouth!
    Needless to say, I am foaming at the mouth right now. My fitness is at a high level. I just want to unleash some power in a race situation. 100 miles should be more than enough time to flex some muscle.

    All week, the workouts on the bike are aimed at keeping the system stimulated. The fitness is already there....just need to keep it primed and ready to pounce.

    Foaming at the mouth!

    Few more blog posts to come before Sonya and I head north for the race on Thursday. Also coming down the pipeline is a review of the sports nutrition Prolong Energy.