• Breck-Epic recon: Prologue TT

    Sonya and I are up in Breckenridge, CO for 3 days doing some course scouting. She is checking out the Firecracker 50 Marathon Nationals course, while I am out hitting up stages of the Breck-Epic race. First, I must give a huge shout out to Jeff Cospolich at Great Western Lodging for the smoke'n deal on a sweet condo for the weekend. Not only is he helping Sonya and I out....he is also giving out some smoke'n deals for the Firecracker 50 and Breck-Epic. Please try to support those who support us bike riders and racers. OK, back to today's training effort. Coach had me climbing the Prologue TT not once...but twice. I pretty much have this thing nailed down now.

    Breck-Epic recon of PrologueFor the first climb up, Jeff Cospolich joined me and guided me up this 9 mile 3,015 ft climb. Technical? Sure, a little bit is spots. Steep? Yep, in spots. Hardest part? That is for you to find out. Ha!

    Breck-Epic recon of PrologueI would guess that half the stage is singletrack, while the other have is loose rocky jeep road.

    Breck-Epic recon of Prologue
    Dude, I told you it was steep in spots!

    Breck-Epic recon of PrologueIt does not take long and you soon find yourself well above 11,000 ft.....and all the trees.

    Breck-Epic recon of PrologueSwitchback after switchback.....after switchback....after switchback.

    Breck-Epic recon of PrologueHere we are.....2 weeks from race start and there is still snow covering 95% of the road towards the finish line. Needless, to say, we didn't make it to the finish line/top of the climb today. We were about 600 ft lower I would guess.

    PanoWe were treated to this view from out highest point today.

    Prologue TT climbed twice...and then some.After this initial climb, Jeff C. and I dropped back down to Breckenridge the same way we climbed up. Jeff C. went back to work, and I climbed back up again. This time I pushed the pace a bit more to give an idea of what the stage will take time wise. After today, I bet the top times for the Prologue TT will be between 45 minutes to 1 hr. After I finished out the 2 efforts of the Prologue TT, I headed out to scope a few more sections of some of the other stages....which put me at 4.5 hours of saddle time today.

    Breck-Epic recon of Prologue
    Here is a small teaser from another one of the stages. More to come tomorrow!