• Solo tempo

    2 hour, 240-287 watt tempo
    Did the same workout today that I did on Thursday. Except today, I opted for a more aggressive route that had a bit more climbing, corners, and pass through towns......just some variable to change up the effort and cadence. The workout Coach had me doing today was a continuous 2 hour effort at 240-287 watts. A month ago this would have been a tough workout, but it is getting surprisingly easier. Sure, now that I say that, Coach will read this and bump up the wattage numbers. Doh!

    2 hour, 240-287 watt tempRide started off under gray and cool skies....about 36F degrees. I was in search of the sun and foothills. Might also note here that Colorado has some of the most ridiculously wide shoulders. Good for cyclists....bad more motorist who get confused easily.

    2 hour, 240-287 watt tempGot to love the false flats rolling up to Carter Lake. From beyond this point the terrain is rolling......but comfortable. Note, that anytime you see a photo in this post....I was also fueling. Since I had my glove off to grab a shot of gel or a bite of a sports bar....I also took out the camera for a quick snap.

    2 hour, 240-287 watt tempA little bit more to look at on this route today....rather than heading north towards Wyoming and the land of nothingness.

    2 hour, 240-287 watt tempMission accomplished today. A couple drops in the effort from a few stop signs and stop lights. Other than that, the gas was on and the engine was running good. Now I am looking forward to a day of rest and relaxation before I hit this all again in the coming week.

    Random post blog post thought....."Wish I had a PowerTap or SRM for the mountain bike.