• "Take it off any sweet jumps?"

    Been a pretty easy week so far. Lots of rest and easy riding. Spent yesterday cleaning up the bikes for the next 3 weekends which include a training camp, an XC race at Sol Vista, and then the Leadville 100. Todays ride was pretty chill. I hit up some of the foothills trails and the BMX track.

    Sweet jumpsYes, I said the BMX track. It's fun to get on here and just let it roll. My only issue is I need to keep the wheels on the ground...or I will get in trouble. I don't fly well.

    Banked corners
    Sweet banked corners add to the white knuckle experience.

    He is smooth....I am notBest part of the ride today was watching this little guy flying by me. I was totally out of my element....with my 26in wheels.

    Got some intervals in the AM on Thursday, then I am departing for Leadville again for a 3 day training weekend with Sonya. Got some spots on the course to look over and rage on. Also need to get out of the hot ass temps here in the Front Range. It's been 90+ for the last 2 weeks. Ugh. Should be pretty chill training and relaxing at 10,000+ ft.