• System check

    Opening up the system
    Hey, the legs are working...and working well. They have that light and snappy feeling which is a very good thing heading into a race weekend. Did a mid-AM system check of the system. Ten minute tempo followed by 5 minutes of light spinning and then....

    Opening up the system
    1 minute of high intensity followed by 3 minutes of easy spinning. Repeat 5 times. Spin home and get ready to throw down in the rocks. Hartman Rocks that is.

    New training rubberBeen doing the last few road rides on some new Deutsche technik. Say hello to the Continental Grand Prix 4 Season. It's race tire meets all weather durability. Honestly, this is my first experience riding on Conti road tires. I sold them at the shop for dang near 7 years...but never personally rode them. I was always a Maxxis ReFuse kind of guy. I got to say, for a beefy road tire...it rolls and rides super smooth. Lets see how many months I get out of a pair. More to come...

    It's packing time. Full weekend race report to come late Sunday or early AM Monday. The race season is now in full swing....a number plate will see my handlebar the next 3 weekends.

    Late update...
    Team issued road frame setStraight off the UPS truck today arrived a full carbon Rotwild road frame and fork painted up in team colors. Looks like I will be doing a bike build switch from the Cannondale.

    Full carbon frame and forkYummy, carbon fiber weave. Provided everything is the same spec as the Cannondale, I should be able to get the bike built up on Monday. I am super pumped!